Relishing Education And Conquering Heights

Our Vision:

Our vision is to ensure the success of each student.

Our Mission:

The Coweta County School System (CCSS) provides gifted education services to eligible students through REACH. The REACH Program for identified gifted students is an outgrowth of CCSS’s commitment to student success. Following Georgia Board of Education regulations, REACH is designed to meet the unique needs of students who demonstrate a high degree of intellectual and/or creative ability, exhibit an exceptionally high degree of motivation, excel in specific academic fields, and need special instruction and/or ancillary services to achieve at levels commensurate with their abilities. CCSS encourages, fosters, and supports differentiated educational efforts that meet provisions for the special needs of gifted learners through an array of service delivery options and educational opportunities. Activities for REACH students include more elaborate, complex, and in-depth study of major ideas, problems, and themes than that addressed in the regular educational classroom. The successful attainment of these goals is dependent upon a collaborative effort among the educators, community members, parents, and students.

Our Goals:

Gifted students will develop advanced research skills and methods. Gifted students will develop and practice creative thinking and creative problem-solving skills with a variety of complex topics within the area of study. Gifted students will develop and practice critical thinking and logical problem-solving skills in the pertinent academic area. Gifted students will develop advanced communication skills. Gifted students will develop an understanding of self and how their unique characteristics may influence interactions of others.

Referral Periods

The referral periods for consideration for the gifted program at ECMS take place during the months September (for placement in January) and January (for placement in August of the next school year). Contact Mrs. Ferrari at to request referral paperwork and forms.

Delivery Models

Gifted ELA and Gifted Science

Current Referral Period

Gifted Referral Period

Referral Period for testing into the Gifted (REACH) Program is according to the schedule below:

Middle School

6 - 7 - 8 Grades

August – September 2023

Paperwork should be requested from and returned to the local school.

Please contact the REACH teacher at the student’s school for additional information.

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