The East Coweta Middle School Media Center is managed by Mrs. Jennifer Gordon.

The East Coweta Middle School Media Center currently houses nearly 20,000 items. These items include books for students, professional resources for teachers, and technology.

Originally East Coweta High School, this site was converted to East Coweta Middle School in 1988. Some of the unique titles in this collection date back to the 1940s and 50s. The collection is constantly evolving, with new titles arriving regularly, and students are encouraged to visit throughout the day with their classes or individually on hall passes. Students can search for a classic just as easily as they can look for the newest book in a popular series.

East Coweta Middle School's Media Center is funded by a yearly book fair and Title I.


Mrs. Gordon is a veteran teacher and media specialist.

After receiving a Bachelor's Degree in English from The University of Georgia, Mrs. Gordon began teaching English at East Coweta High School. For ten years Mrs. Gordon taught English and Social Studies, including courses in World Literature, American Literature, British Literature, Humanities, and American History. Mrs. Gordon also taught A.P. English Literature and Composition. For the last ten years she has taught English Literature and Composition at the college level.

While teaching, Mrs. Gordon obtained a Master's Degree in English and an Education Specialist in Media and Technology. In 2008 Mrs. Gordon moved to the role of Media Specialist at East Coweta Middle School, where she currently enjoys sharing her love of reading with middle school students.

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